Randall Jaffe :: Web Dev Skills Portfolio


  • Media Moguls Website - I programmed and designed the entire site (with exception to the Flash animation) using PHP, Javascript, AJAX, and MySQL. Created a working shopping cart, and dynamic catalogs with CMS backend.
Media Moguls Website
  • Web Mail Application - Programmed and designed the entire, working web application using PHP, MySQL, IMAP, and JavaScript. Similar to an online e-mail service like HotMail. Login to a test account using the email address "[email protected]" and the password "tester".
Web Mail Application
  • Links Manager Software - I modified and improved upon the Ask and Receive 1.0 Links Manager software, using PHP and Javascript. I programmed several new features, including the ability to find and remove dead links from a links page, and the ability to manually check reciprocal links. Login with the password "lamiell".
Links Manager Software

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