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Thank you for visiting my online web development skills portfolio. If you're interested in my web development, programming, and design capabilities, then you've definitely come to the right place! ;-)

Before you delve any deeper into my portfolio, you may want to know a little bit more about me in general. I have a Bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University, and I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio. I've been actively designing and programming for the Web for approximately 26 years. I really have a passion for this kind of work.

To your left, I have listed several sections documenting my skills, talents, background, and experience. The topic headings are fairly intuitive. Please browse through the portfolio at your leisure.

If you'd like to contact me, please visit my "Contact" page and fill out the contact form there. If filling out web forms isn't your thing, then I've also provided other ways for you to get my attention. :-)

Once again, thank you for your interest, and by all means, enjoy your stay!


Randall Jaffe

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